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Going Out Green: Reducing Our End-of-Life Carbon Footprint


Tue 05 / 09 / 2023
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM


Via Zoom

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Katharine (kk) Brown
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About the Program
Learn about the emerging movement to change the way we do death in America. With so much in the news about 'green' options, including human composting, wet cremation, forest ash scattering, it's not easy to parse the truth. In this informative and sometimes provocative presentation, we'll discuss the principles of sustainable after-death options, reveal some of the hidden environmental costs and benefits of 'boutique' disposition methods and products, and what we can do to plan for a truly planet-friendly ending that is affordable and meaningful for all. We will learn the latest in what’s happening in the US and around the world plus what we can all do to create sustainable funeral opportunities closer to home.
About the Speaker
Our guide to this presentation and discussion is Lee Webster, nationally recognized public speaker on funeral reform, including home funerals and green burial. She is the director of New Hampshire Funeral Resources & Education and co-creator of the Partnership, and has served in major leadership positions of the Green Burial Council, Conservation Burial Alliance, National Home Funeral Alliance, National End-of-Life Doula Alliance. She teaches and guest lectures about historical and contemporary funeral practices at mortuary schools, universities, and adult education, including OSHER and OLLI at Dartmouth. She is the author of several home funeral and green burial articles and books, including The After-Death Care Educator Handbook, Changing Landscapes: Exploring the growth of ethical, compassionate and environmentally sustainable green funeral service, and contributions to The Future of the Corpse: Our Changing Ecologies of Death and Disposition.