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Tour of the Woodman Museum of Dover


Wed 05 / 24 / 2023
10:00 AM to 12:00 PM


Woodman Museum of Dover, 182 Central Ave, Durham, NH 03820

Who can attend

Members only

Limited Capacity: 30 spots available


Senior rate: $8.00 per person


Dennis Chasteen
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Seacoast Village members and guests: Join Susan and Doug MacLennan for a tour of the Woodman Museum in Durham. For those interested, there will be a luncheon at a local restaurant following the tour. Please indicate your interest in the comment section when you register.

About the Program

The Woodman Museum is a fun, eclectic and educational trip through local history. It opened in 1916 in three houses. The Woodman House is devoted to history and natural history, as well as some unique surprises. The Damm Garrison, the oldest house in Dover, was built in 1675 during the Indian troubles. After 1725, it became a home. It gives insight into how people lived through the late 19th Century. The Hale House shows the history of the Hale family, as well as the history of industry, transportation, trade, and recreation in Dover through the early 20th Century. It also houses examples of fine furniture. The museum is a collection of collections, including another house with a gallery for art shows. It is one of Dover’s lesser-known treasures and well worth a visit.

About the Speakers

Village member, Susan MacLennan, is a retired Geriatric Psychiatrist, who discovered the field of Geriatrics while doing rotations in med school and a subsequent internship. She found it to be a hopeful specialty, as she rightly believed we were all headed there. The fact that there is a field of medicine devoted to optimizing our journey “there” is indeed hopeful. Susan chose a residency in psychiatry because she felt the psychiatric consults for her patients were often inadequate. There had to be more than "it is dementia", and there is. Since retirement, Susan has been busy as a Master Gardener, a UNH Marine Docent and now as a museum docent at the Woodman.

Village member, Doug MacLennan, is a retired sales executive, having worked primarily in print and TV media. With RCA and Gannett, he managed several sales offices in the Northeast. After retiring he dived deeply into woodworking, and the restoration of the historic home of General John Sullivan in Durham. Doug was very involved with the UNH Marine docent program for about 10+ years. As a docent, he enjoyed the family boatbuilding program and contributed to its success, held classes on marine knot tying, and with wife Susan, conducted many tours to the Isle of Shoals. He became a docent at the Woodman Museum in 2022.