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As we face the COVID-19 outbreak in our state, we want you to know that Seacoast Village Project is here for you.  It’s a challenge, for sure, but we are committed to working with all of our Village volunteers and community members to stay on top of things, and to provide help where we can. 

Information about COVID-19 Testing at Pease International Tradeport People who want to be tested are first screened by a call center, which will determines if they should get tested. Anyone who qualifies is given an appointment to go to the testing center.
Portsmouth Hospital COVID-19 Resource Hub
How to Self-Quarantine
City of Portsmouth Quarantine Guidlelines
COVID-19 Symptom Tracker app If enough Americans share daily how they feel, even if they're well, this app can provide the healthcare system with critically valuable information.
Make your own mask (Instructions and a video) Masks for individuals  from the Portsmouth Senior Center are available Thursdays from 1:00-2:00 at the Community Campus tennis courts. 
New CDC mask recommendations Acout double masking and knot and tuck.  There is a link to a video on knot and tuck toward the bottom of this page.
2 – Social distancing: Stay home as much as you can. It works, but it’s a challenge.   A friend reminded me that there is a difference between social isolation and social distancing.  You can still stay in touch with others, but be creative.  Find ways to connect that don’t involve physical presence. If it’s a nice day, get out in your yard.  You can take a walk around the block – just stay away from other people.  Wave, smile, sing!

Click on the photo below to read about a creative way of maintaining social connections while keeping at a safe social distance.

3 – If you start feeling ill, call your primary care provider. For cold-like symptoms or fever more and more of medical practices are ramping up telemedicine and phone consultation.  They can help with advice without your having to come into the office.  If they think screening for COVID-19 is advisable, they can tell you how to do this so that they get results promptly. 

4 – If you are feeling very ill, call your local urgent care or ER  For high fever, flu-like symptoms, urgent care or the ER will want to know that you are coming and arrange to greet you and get you into a treatment area (rather than a waiting room) promptly to help keep everyone safe.

5 – Practice good self-care.  This can be harder to do than it sounds.  If you need something, reach out.  Whether it’s a friendly voice on the phone or a run to the store for something for you (or your furry companion), we will try to help out.

Our country has gotten through harder times than this.  We have the power to “flatten the curve”
– decreasing the spread and severity of illness – for ourselves, those we love and our community.  Let’s do this!